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​My Online Ordering policy: 

Most online clothes selling relies on customers ordering more than they need and returning most, if not all of it.
I want to take a different approach.
I want to use a less wasteful, more ecological and bespoke way of operating.

I believe in slow fashion, I believe in sustainability.

Because my clothing is craft made, I want to treat you as I would do if you were in my shop, so please feel free to contact me with any queries on sizing, fit, shape, colour etc.

If I don’t have your size or colour in stock, I will probably be able make it to order for you, which of course will take a little longer. As all my yarns are dyed to my specification, it will depend on what yarn I have in stock.

This way of operating will, I hope, lead to less returns, less duplicated stock, less waste, lower transit costs, less delivery traffic pollution....altogether better for the environment...

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