My flattering flowing version of my ArtKnit dresses in cream and black, a unique piece.

Can be worn with either side to the front, each side being different.

Part of the Art of this piece is my juxterposition of the images.

This one is a size Medium, but I can make this style in S, L or XL to order.

Because each one is unique, each one I make is different - it will be the same price unless you want  specific images not in my image collection.

I can draw these up for you, though of course, as you would expect, there will be an extra design fee for each image.

One-off ArtKnit Flowing Dress

Pattern Color
    • Handmade knitted item:
    • Materials: fine Italian viscose yarn with colours dyed to my specifications:
    • Hand wash with care only
    • NEVER  Iron, if creased leave to hang in a damp place
    • Ability to leave an accompanying message
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