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November 2006: The Art of the Knit - Penny Burdett celebrates 20 years at Camden Lock

Updated: Apr 3, 2018

If you can paint it, sculpt it, print it or create it in cloth, you can knit it! Penny Burdett has never been constrained in her designs by the conventional. The mid eighties was an exciting time to design knitwear. Penny's first venture into retailing her designs was at Camden Lock market in 1986, where there was a plethora of maker/designers, vintage and antique stalls and a vibrant creative atmosphere. The reaction to her work was excellent and when she showed her work at the prestigious Chelsea Craft Fair, she gained wholesale orders for her work worldwide.

Penny celebrated 20 years in business on Thursday 9th November with a special archive display of her knits at her shop and her guests made the effort to take some vintage Penny Burdett originals out of mothballs for the occasion!

It was good to see how her work has progressed over the years while retaining her distinctive style.


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