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July 2020: Updated Shop opening

After opening my shop on Friday, I thought I would update you with my new opening days and times. Due to Covid-19 still being out there, I am not prepared to put my workers at risk. Therefore I will only be open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 11am-5pm for the time being.

Just to re-assure you, I have laid out the shop to accommodate only one person or couple in at a time, with hand sanitizer, and contactless payment.

I will continue to offer a 20% discount on my range of summer camisoles, and am adding my distinctive drop stitch scarves to the sale - they go so beautifully together!

Times are very tough for Small Businesses at the moment, so every order you make online, or piece of my work you buy in my shop, will help my business survive in these precarious times...


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